Learn about training opportunities.

You NEED obedience from your dog but somehow you haven’t found time to train him yet. He’s 6 months to 3 years old, but still a young dog, FULL of energy and seriously in need of some direction. There is no way you have time to get this done yourself, so what do you do?

Muck Creek Kennels 30 Day Obedience Boot Camp!

We teach your dog prompt and consistent response to the four basic commands which are SIT, HEEL, HERE and DOWN. Your dog will learn to walk nicely on lead and he will enjoy doing it! He will sit when you tell him to and he will come when called. Imagine… no more standing on the back porch in your bunny slippers when it’s 45 degrees and raining, calling you dog over and over again, heeeeeeere Fido!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the dog let you walk through a door without charging through like a linebacker? Think of all the places you could take your dog if he had really good manners!

You will attend 4 training sessions during the last week of his training so that we can familiarize you with the proper handling skills to keep the shine on your new, well behaved dog!

The price is only $1200 plus food for 30 days! You could easily pay this much just for the boarding in many kennels! To register, just call or email Muck Creek Kennels. We can get your reservations for the 30 Day Obedience Boot Camp set up immediately or discuss any other training goals you have for your dog.

Muck Creek Kennels provides a number of different training options with classes for you and your dog as well as boarded training where your dog comes to live with us while he/she is trained. To discuss your individual needs and training goals just give Jon a call at (253) 442-9625.

You can also get a list of upcoming classes by calling or stopping by Woofers Grooming & Goodies.